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IT security budget in 2022

Data provided by {{ budgetRespondents }} respondents*
IT Security budget makes up {{ budgetTotalPercent }}% of the total IT spend
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Threats experienced in the last 12 months

Data provided by {{ threatsRespondents }} respondents*

Security measures in place

Data provided by {{ measuresRespondents }} respondents*

* The methodology for measuring endpoint protection represents the penetration of endpoint protection in businesses meaning the proportion of corporate endpoints (both physical devices and virtual endpoints) that have endpoint security software installed in the average organization of this vertical and segment

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*These statistics are based on results from an online survey of 3,063 business representatives from companies with 50 and up to 4,999 employees around the world, conducted in 2022 by Kaspersky and B2B International. Statistics based on less than 30 respondents should be used with caution, due to this being a low base.